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Visual Studio Team System 2008 Capabilities White Papers

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These white papers describe the key capabilities of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 in greater depth.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 is an integrated application life-cycle management (ALM) solution comprising tools, processes, and guidance. These white papers examine the key capabilities of Visual Studio Team System that contribute to the above benefits in greater depth than the original overview white paper.
    • Communicate and Collaborate
    • Drive Predictability
    • Ensure Quality Early and Often
    • Integrate Work Frequently
    • Making Real-Time Decisions
    • Managing Team Workflow
    • Using Familiar Tools


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Communicate and Collaborate.docxdb19ab024498e7f5b15e98e3ac1572b976cacd331.13 MB
Communicate and Collaborate.pdfd8717312dda65260b6c1c5faf2ea1d75aa1c5fff375 KB
Communicate and Collaborate.xpsfbafd29e27eb21ad69e2b01737a762c9037ba7f9627 KB
Drive Predictability.docx70ececc8a65dc0eeaa7ae4ea86aea0b91c6287e6912 KB
Drive Predictability.pdfc2b63db141b0c140a0f78f4bf70ce6ff1dd9250b749 KB
Drive Predictability.xps9133356354865c1c6f8479e26d74e8dd7a429e611,007 KB
Ensure Quality Early and Often.docx77192600c7d1812fd6c43d4e29ce8b0d32545032878 KB
Ensure Quality Early and Often.pdfd95ce7cabcd1efd9a254443f660fb769b2e25bcc394 KB
Ensure Quality Early and Often.xps7ce2d55d7e1decf5e6f84b3708efd207bb277fba657 KB
Integrate Work Frequently.docxaed5c530af6679300c7dde9a8b8bcc01af389bc0314 KB
Integrate Work Frequently.pdf26a85715838cdf0604a054020e78ec429ecabcec388 KB
Integrate Work Frequently.xps1d595f991c2bed88e78ecece43e37638a301f211593 KB
Making Real-Time Decisions.docx3ef6bf32becd037b15f58fba72bb8c9389330178787 KB
Making Real-Time Decisions.pdf8768739439aead5d70543a5a3bf95e9ad485e501795 KB
Making Real-Time Decisions.xps2858a4bde507a67ce1a79c803b09fe15e9945d6e978 KB
Managing Team Workflow.docxb50028bdf7401e677c0a7bd640a63235be1c16f51.15 MB
Managing Team Workflow.pdf178bc10896de403bfd982f987ac705fdd7e3d2e41.02 MB
Managing Team Workflow.xps3b77cace39726e660bba4a7af0da7dae73363d2e1.33 MB
Using Familiar Tools.docx2aa63ddd90e57fe17f13353eebf8101798218333706 KB
Using Familiar Tools.pdf28cfd2c22128d3adff02238f01ef0531ebe99cfe614 KB
Using Familiar Tools.xps00959b6ecf621c1958036fa0f3f323f41a52aa8c841 KB

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