Privacy Policy

Website logs

This website uses industry-standard web server logging. These are stored for 14 days before being automatically discarded. These include your IP address, user agent string (web browser identification), paths on the website you are requesting, and the URL you were referred to this site by, if applicable.

In the case of an error, detailed information may also be logged to assist in resolving the issue. This follows the same 14 day retention.


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Windows Update scans

Legacy Update configures your system so the Windows Update service connects to Legacy Update’s proxy of the Windows Update server. Due to limitations of legacy versions of Windows, and additionally due to the ongoing discontinuation of legacy SHA1-based SSL certificates across the industry, we aren’t able to provide HTTPS encryption for this.

No data is stored as part of our providing of the main Windows Update service (ClientWebService), aside from website logs as indicated above. In some cases, we may inject extra data into the responses proxied from the upstream Microsoft server, to fix cases where certain updates don’t work, or to add custom updates developed by the community. Such updates will always be clearly indicated, and typically will be served as optional updates. Legacy Update may also update itself through Windows Update.

Windows Update reports

We collect anonymous Windows Update reports for the purpose of collecting ongoing statistics, and to track errors. This is a built-in feature of the Windows Update system service (ReportingWebService), and are sent periodically in the background.

These reports include:

There are other features of Windows and other Microsoft products that check for updates as part of their typical use. For example, Microsoft Security Essentials receives definitions through Windows Update. Reports may also be sent in these cases.