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Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 White Paper: Planning for Security

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  • Version: 10.0
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This document is designed to make you aware of actions that you can complete to help make your Microsoft Dynamics GP data as secure as possible.

  • As the foundation for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Windows provides sophisticated standards-based network security. In the broadest sense, security involves planning and considering tradeoffs. You need to consider how to make the network as secure as possible without sacrificing usability. Because the size of Microsoft Dynamics GP implementations can vary a great deal, it is important to carefully consider the needs of a smaller business and to weigh the effectiveness of security against the costs that may be involved. Use your best judgment to recommend a policy that helps to meet security needs.

    This document discusses the following topics:
    • Basic security recommendations
    • Securing the server operating system
    • Network security
    • Virus protection
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP security
    • The Microsoft Dynamics GP database security model
    • Core application security tasks
    • Frequently asked questions about security in Microsoft Dynamics GP


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