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Location Based Services Usage and Perceptions Survey Presentation

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Presentation and executive summary documents summarizing location-based services (LBS) research commissioned by Microsoft to understand thoughts and opinions about technologies that allow someone’s location to be shared with other people and organizations. Survey data was collected from consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Japan.

  • Location-Based Services Usage and Perceptions Survey (December 2010, U.S., UK, Germany, Canada and Japan)Overall, awareness, familiarity and usage of location-based services (LBS) remains low across all countries surveyed. However, there are indications that widespread adoption is only a matter of time as perceived value of these services is high among those who use them. Key findings: • 6 in 10 are aware of LBS, but confusion remains about what LBS are. • Among those who use LBS, 94% said they were either very valuable (41%) or somewhat valuable (53%). • GPS and weather alerts are most common uses of LBS while only 18% use LBS for sharing their location with others.• 52% of respondents expressed strong concern with sharing their location with other people or organizations. • Of those receiving a location-based advertisement, 46% took action and 80% considered the ads valuable.


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