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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Guides: Manufacturing

  • Published:
  • Version: 2010
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  • Language: English

This page includes links to the manufacturing documentation resources for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  • You can use this page to download the following documentation components:
    • Manufacturing Core Functions (MfgCoreFunctions.pdf or MfgCoreFunctions.xps): Includes setup information and describes how Manufacturing extends Inventory Control and Sales Order Processing. Bill of Materials, the Sales Configurator, and manufacturing reports also are discussed.
    • Manufacturing Management Functions (MfgManagementFunctions.pdf or MfgManagementFunctions.xps): Explains how to set up and use information for quality assurance, job costing, and engineering change management.
    • Manufacturing Planning Functions (MfgPlanningFunctions.pdf or MfgPlanningFunctions.xps): Explains how to create and use sales forecasts and master production schedules. Describes how to view capacity requirements planning information, and update and calculate material requirements planning information.
    • Manufacturing Production Functions (MfgProductionFunctions.pdf or MfgProductionFunctions.xps): Explains how to work with routings and manufacturing orders, including orders for outsourcing. Also discusses work in process information.
    • Manufacturing Setup (MfgSetup.pdf or MfgSetup.xps): Explains how to set up your Manufacturing system, including users and each component. You can use Manufacturing to organize and track the daily operations of the manufacturing process.


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MfgCoreFunctions.pdfe632f587b109e918fa858c06dde1fa819f9f65792.34 MB
MfgCoreFunctions.xps607e1c8abb992e6c17418e867233949184c80aeb2.95 MB
MfgManagementFunctions.pdf43d5e7201048adcca84b0f9073483c11262f0d121.61 MB
MfgManagementFunctions.xpsf12535e88a205f15197c94b056d6b043dd65c1702.12 MB
MfgPlanningFunctions.pdfe3c98b083d18e9f453cfa6cccc4d75c08c586df21.52 MB
MfgPlanningFunctions.xpsc6fde05ac456fe8dcdaca74df595d81a88dcf1242.00 MB
MfgProductionFunctions.pdf2645791ccad8b99cc3b73fe2b4163c54197f44c32.87 MB
MfgProductionFunctions.xpsaffc9a8478188c1ec8ea66d51b3283e3545d0c4a4.04 MB
MfgSetup.pdfb920108abecffae5b15dbe7316683dc69451e2e31.07 MB
MfgSetup.xps21d84379769cd59122fa9279bb0b2f9c53f58a701.20 MB

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Installation Instructions

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