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Microsoft Tag Case Studies

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Learn how businesses are using Microsoft Tag to enhance their marketing campaigns

  • Learn how businesses are using Microsoft Tag to enhance their marketing campaigns


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Microsoft Tag_Digiturk_Case Study.xpse683f90ce50d5c4213ab28b0b41cb37b7481dc7c163 KB
Microsoft Tag_GetMarried_Case Study.pdf977923429aefc1b49b25f54ba047e0be28966f71162 KB
Microsoft Tag_GetMarried_Case Study.xpsd9c302459e02a99cf2028ea02d16b998d02de79f164 KB
Microsoft Tag_Hurriyet_Case Study.pdf62ee914f4e2dff6442a02b15391af567efabb7b0304 KB
Microsoft Tag_Hurriyet_Case Study.xps688f6649ede5c0a681dcc1e7d45d1d501bdb1bb9183 KB
Microsoft Tag_Pagine Si_Case Study.pdfa3de91ed1e87f7c2e876bc07119642a11c7e2194125 KB
Microsoft Tag_Pagine Si_Case Study.xps7e12691e6c14ad80ff1cbcfb1e7583989d853f0b159 KB

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