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Microsoft Security Intelligence Report volume 10 (July - December 2010)

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This is the tenth volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report

  • Volume 10 of the Microsoft® Security Intelligence Report provides an in-depth perspective on malicious and potentially unwanted software, software exploits, security breaches and software vulnerabilities (both in Microsoft software and in third-party software). Microsoft developed these perspectives based on detailed analysis over the past several years, with a focus on the second half of 2010.


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Microsoft_Security_Intelligence_Report_volume_10_Global_Threat_Assessments_English.pdf22824e139dcb085395cc01a2c056ce0e34734f3d9.80 MB
Microsoft_Security_Intelligence_Report_volume_10_Global_Threat_Assessments_English.xpsfc1535b0f8119b5ed2fbf665964a1bb42d310e4412.86 MB
Microsoft_Security_Intelligence_Report_volume_10_July-Dec2010_English.pdfbbc844fd12390b7589b32b6bf1ebaba13fd4ec762.86 MB
Microsoft_Security_Intelligence_Report_volume_10_July-Dec2010_English.xpsc01e960b4289b604ef88dd135cd2e99f6d6aeb643.69 MB
Microsoft_Security_Intelligence_Report_volume_10_Key_Findings_Summary_English.pdf4b82c3a03d30b277a6723cb722aa1c8aacc825ed269 KB
Microsoft_Security_Intelligence_Report_volume_10_Key_Findings_Summary_English.xpse6e901b35cbdcffacb39bb1c04976323fa2813e2336 KB
Microsoft_Security_Intelligence_Report_volume_10_with_Global_Threat_Assessments_English.pdf8564a9daa2626f4a486586f7ca1fd6576b53fbdb14.30 MB
Microsoft_Security_Intelligence_Report_volume_10_with_Global_Threat_Assessments_English.xps986f14ef3fb84d96314448bd868bd0645a8f495618.04 MB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Server, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP

  • Any supported Operating System

Installation Instructions

  • Download the SIR, SIR with Global Threat Assessments, Key Findings Summary and the Global Threat Assessments. All are available as a PDF or an XPS. In order to view the XPS document, you will need to install the reader (included in Windows 7 and Windows Vista).

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