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HealthVault Service Specification

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  • Version: 1.0
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The HealthVault Service Specification published under the Microsoft Community Promise.

  • HealthVault Service Specification is a specification for the development of an open, online environment based on protocols that enables consumers to control the collection, storage, access, use, and disclosure of information about their health and well-being.

    The HealthVault Platform is a web-based API layer that provides data and infrastructure services upon which all HealthVault applications are built. It includes a web application that provides an explorer type UI for the HealthVault Platform as well as being the key middleman web based authentication. This specification is bounded to the system description level and makes no claims related to the user interface or APIs that a system might implement.

    The environment enables loosely-coupled partners to create a comprehensive suite of functionality that leverage these core capabilities. The resulting ecosystem of healthcare service generates economies of scale and value for consumers that exceed those of a standalone consumer healthcare application.

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Microsoft HealthVault Service Specification.pdf
SHA1: dcb03bbebb5cd7c25f96f616e0f7a076d396fff5
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Microsoft HealthVault Service Specification.xps
SHA1: 58efe3de8b61f294a6236c358d9b40794f5be9bd
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