Release History

The best version of Legacy Update to use is always the latest version. However, if you have a specific need for an older version of Legacy Update, you can find them here.

Learn more about Legacy Update and download the latest version, 1.9, on the homepage.

Legacy Update 1.9

  • Released:
  • Important

    If nothing happens when you open Legacy Update setup on Windows XP, follow these steps to work around a Windows bug.

    • Legacy Update can now update itself when you use it. If you already have Legacy Update installed, just visit the website in Internet Explorer to update to 1.9!
    • Adds support for installing Service Pack 3 of the original 2001 edition of Windows XP Embedded. (Contributed by @renodr - thanks!)
    • Adds support for installing Update Rollup 4 of Windows Home Server 2011. (Contributed by @renodr and @stdin82 - thanks!)
    • Fixes Legacy Update setup crashing when it attempts to enable Microsoft Update on Windows 7.
    • Fixes Certificate Trust List being unnecessarily redownloaded after Legacy Update restarts the computer.
    • General internal cleanup of the Legacy Update setup code.
SHA1: 7c17e830cecfbc1855b7f63051f6b109a3fcfeab
SHA256: f4808f6025f60cccee6fd8e15c36a8db9340ad6a406e0166d1667770757bda94
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Legacy Update 1.8

  • Released:
  • Important

    There is an issue in Windows XP that appears to be triggered by the digital signature on the latest versions of Legacy Update (1.8 and later). This makes Legacy Update setup not run at all, with no error message. You will need to follow some quick steps to work around this.

    • Legacy Update is now signed, so you won’t see any more scary warnings about “program from an unknown publisher” or similar.
      Code signing certificates are expensive - this cost me $340 USD. I was only able to do this thanks to those who generously support the project on GitHub Sponsors and Patreon.
    • Legacy Update can now be directly accessed from a regular, non-administrator instance of Internet Explorer on Windows Vista and later. This also means you can use Legacy Update via Internet Explorer Mode in Microsoft Edge.
    • Provides better messaging when Internet Explorer has been uninstalled (such as in “E” editions of Windows).
    • Fixes Legacy Update setup unnecessarily redownloading updates that are already installed.
    • Fixes an error when attempting to uninstall Legacy Update from the Control Panel.
    • Hopefully fixes the “Enable Microsoft Update” option in Legacy Update setup not working on Windows 7.
SHA1: c0e479fd0ccd55fcfc340620e5969d6443cd1a69
SHA256: ab6a7eb453e87932bba692013613b90538c1af4bd193a39b15e3e853a92f3333
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Legacy Update 1.7.1

  • Released:
    • Fixes error 80072EFE reappearing on Windows 7. The installation of the 2016-03 Servicing Stack Update was unintentionally removed in Legacy Update 1.7, which is the update that contains the fix for this error. (Contributed by @renodr - thanks!)
    • Fixes an issue where “Preparing your desktop…” could appear indefinitely after Legacy Update restarts the system, due to an “Open File - Security Warning” dialog hiding behind the message.
    • Fixes the setup process failing at the root certificates store update step due to an “Open SrcStore failed => 0x2 (2)” error message.
SHA1: 66e7edee11d26a3a1c10466380f372d07b92bf31
SHA256: fba7616d44ef823bdeeab27b11695fedfc8b46f02b952669d0955090d8660dba
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Legacy Update 1.7

  • Released:
  • This is a huge, long-awaited release I’m excited to share with you all 🎉

    • By popular demand, the Legacy Update ActiveX control can now be installed on any version of Windows, from 2000 up to 11. This allows you to use the classic Windows Update website, in addition to the built-in control panel.
    • Legacy Update now downloads all required components prior to restarting the computer, which solves issues with downloads failing on Wi-Fi and dial-up (!) after the restart.
    • On 64-bit editions of Windows, Legacy Update now installs a native 64-bit version of its ActiveX control. This means you can use the Legacy Update website in both 32-bit and 64-bit Internet Explorer.
    • Adds an option to enable Microsoft Update (updates for Microsoft products such as Office) on Windows 7, as the link to do so from Windows 7’s control panel no longer works. (Contributed by @renodr - thanks!)
    • On Windows Vista, Legacy Update now installs a 2019 Windows Servicing Stack update from Windows Server 2008, which resolves an issue where installing Office 2007 or 2010 would cause Windows Update to stay “Checking for updates” forever.
    • On Windows 7, Legacy Update now installs the SHA-2 Code Signing Support update, which solves some errors and saves time in installing updates after Legacy Update setup completes.
    • On Windows 8, Legacy Update now installs a 2021 Windows Servicing Stack update from Windows Server 2012, which is more future-proof, and resolves the Servicing Stack Update failing to install in some cases.
    • Fixes an issue where Legacy Update could unnecessarily reinstall Windows 8.1 Update 1. (Contributed by @renodr - thanks!)
    • Fixes the LegacyUpdateTemp user sometimes not logging off correctly after the setup completes. (Contributed by @renodr - thanks!)
    • Fixes the downloader failing on original Pentium systems. (Contributed by @renodr - thanks!)

    A massive thank you goes to @renodr for a good chunk of the features/fixes in this release, and some features that will be coming in Legacy Update 1.8.

SHA1: 7381b56709d7f64dc9156de6cc25c4061885a396
SHA256: 8c9167631de3e9a033b8ca7a07f335103f165a3beddd15132b61f71ddd49f446
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Legacy Update 1.6.2

  • Released:
  • This release will feel very minor on the surface, but I put a bunch of work into improving the codebase.

    • Switches the file downloader library to one that seems to be a lot more stable, and reliable in every condition - slow internet, insufficient RAM, internet faster than your RAM/hard drive can keep up with, etc. It is also able to reconnect and continue if your connection drops during a download.
    • Refactors the ActiveX control from the hefty Microsoft MFC framework to the lighter-weight ATL framework. This brings down the file size of the DLL.
    • Uses more efficient compression on the installer (LZMA rather than Gzip), bringing the download size down even further.
    • Improves error handling in the ActiveX control, so that in the unlikely case of the Legacy Update ActiveX control itself failing to do something, more useful error information will be displayed.
    • Fixes installing Service Packs on Windows Vista/7 again - this was supposed to be fixed in 1.6.1 but I created another bug in the process.
    • Fixes the LegacyUpdateTemp user lacking administrator permission on non-English installs of Windows, causing a "log on as an administrator" error after Legacy Update setup automatic restarts.

    The massive changes in this release seem to have tripped up the exceptions Legacy Update was receiving from antivirus vendors. Currently, Microsoft and BitDefender are triggering false positives. This should be corrected soon, once both companies respond to my tickets. (Update: Microsoft Defender false positive resolved.)

SHA1: d3871ff26904f7b7e03474b954927adec5e91a2d
SHA256: 956866a9772ac07ee05e6f7cb00ae2f93d9206ea6bb992f532184e6d223208ec
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Legacy Update 1.6.1

  • Released:
    • Fixes Windows Vista/7 Service Packs not installing due to a missing .exe extension on the file Legacy Update downloads.
    • Legacy Update setup now requests Windows to not put the PC to sleep while it's running.
SHA1: 52c1b089930d47e02ac1fe93bb5bfd1d0a9f8f55
SHA256: 1f7649faf0641d42e2ca39e3d3c6fd5806010cdd6f96786ace4820a669b3cf8f
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Legacy Update 1.6

  • Released:
    • Fixes “The parameter is incorrect.” error when launching Legacy Update from the Start menu or Control Panel on Windows 2000 and XP 32-bit.

    • Fixes the Legacy Update proxy server not being configured correctly, causing connection errors (error 80072EFE) when checking for updates on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. Fix contributed by @renodr - thanks!

    • Legacy Update now configures .NET Framework to use the Windows SSL configuration. This ensures programs built on .NET can access the same websites you can access in Internet Explorer.

    • When running on a processor that doesn't support later Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 updates (Intel processors prior to Pentium 4/Pentium M, and AMD processors before Athlon 64), Legacy Update will now disallow enabling POSReady updates. See #89 for more information.

    • When downloading Internet Explorer 6 SP1 for Windows 2000, Legacy Update now downloads the installer for your language directly from Microsoft. Previously, this would download an English-only copy of the IE6 installer hosted by Legacy Update. Huge thanks to @stdin82 for finding live IE6 download links on the Windows Update server.

      This change was also able to be backported to earlier versions of Legacy Update. A separate “Internet Explorer 6 Downloader” helper will be launched when running from these versions.

    • Fixes the Legacy Update proxy server not being removed on uninstall on Windows Vista, and Windows Update shortcuts not being restored on uninstall on Windows XP x64/Server 2003. Fix contributed by @stdin82 - thanks!

    • General code cleanup: Rebuilt Windows version checking logic from scratch to avoid annoying edge cases in the NSIS WinVer.nsh library Legacy Update was previously using, and consolidated repetitive code for patches.

SHA1: c1489e8c32de7a489edc9bbfdb0d0c3d1289c7ab
SHA256: 920ea497e40241884cc67e9d7937518141a369ee9ed4e2ab8be90deb868507b7
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Legacy Update 1.5

  • Released:
  • Yesterday, January 10, 2023, was the end of support for Windows 8.1. Legacy Update 1.5 adds support for getting Windows 8 and 8.1 up to date. As a side effect, Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 are also supported starting with this release, despite that these remain officially supported by Microsoft until October.

    Other changes in this release:

    • While updating root certificates, Legacy Update will now also enable the TLS v1.1 and v1.2 protocols, which are present but disabled by default in Windows 7 and 8, as well as in Windows XP with a POSReady 2009 update. This is an additional fix for websites not loading in Internet Explorer and other apps that use the Windows built-in networking functionality.
    • Fixes crash on launch when opening Legacy Update setup on Windows XP SP3.
    • Fixes Legacy Update setup not detecting the prerequisite updates required for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.
    • Fixes the Legacy Update shortcut incorrectly launching 64-bit Internet Explorer rather than 32-bit in some cases on Windows XP x64 Edition. Thanks to @stdin82 for helping to point out the fix for this.
SHA1: 8696e8a19934a4a24a72ade8c4596e988eaadbaf
SHA256: 0d46d76c1f7ca90308320a5d73b6c8c80aa4e46af4aab0d10679d1506954496e
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Legacy Update 1.4.1

  • Released:
    • Works around a bug with the Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.256 installer on Windows XP Home Edition, resulting in it failing with error code 82, and potentially rendering the system unable to boot (“NTLDR is missing” error). Version 7.6.7600.244 is now installed instead on Home Edition.
    • Fixes the setup not automatically continuing after a restart, and not deleting the LegacyUpdateTemp user after it’s completed.

    Huge thanks to those who reported and helped me to find the root cause of the Home Edition issue.

SHA1: 06cd31e43a8c76df887aaf8726a95e1bfd7f1ff5
SHA256: 983af5d981e1ecc68f07e0f0486d4a1d769b72a78eb4fcf6cbfc0ade9cbcd23b
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Legacy Update 1.4

  • Released:
  • Warning

    Versions 1.1 - 1.4 may cause boot issues on Windows XP Home Edition. See 1.4.1 for more info.

    • When a restart is required during Legacy Update setup, a temporary administrator user will be created so the restarts are fully automated (i.e. you won’t be prompted to log in). This is similar to the “Automatic reboot and recall” feature of WSUS Offline.
    • Adds an optional feature to enable receiving Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 updates on Windows XP SP3.
    • Fixes Windows XP x64 Edition incorrectly offering to install Windows XP 32-bit Service Pack 3.
SHA1: c79a29d94da72ef7248142d1c4c6d266c0c58b29
SHA256: 928823036867259983acde63c836791ced5de926b637853cb224588398d8a8d5
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Legacy Update 1.3

  • Released:
  • Warning

    Versions 1.1 - 1.4 may cause boot issues on Windows XP Home Edition. See 1.4.1 for more info.

    • Legacy Update is now able to update Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 to their latest Service Packs, in addition to installing the relevant updates critical to restoring full Windows Update functionality.
    • Adds an option to launch the Windows Product Activation wizard after installation on Windows XP or Server 2003, if your copy of Windows isn't yet activated.
    • Adds support for updating the Windows Update Agent on Itanium editions of Windows.
    • Setup design has been tweaked to follow Windows Aero wizard guidelines.
    • Fixes an issue where passing the /S (silent) switch to the installer would still launch the Legacy Update site after installation.
SHA1: 44040f5f5f49a902f8e4cfa074ab8c82b871af11
SHA256: b6ed9c41216b8ad07c865e84dd75d23def6c8b8d5ed1e4aa3fb9aa0e3da83953
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Legacy Update 1.2.1

  • Released:
  • Warning

    Versions 1.1 - 1.4 may cause boot issues on Windows XP Home Edition. See 1.4.1 for more info.

    • Fix "A null reference pointer was passed to the stub" error when launching Legacy Update on systems with Internet Explorer 5 - 7.
SHA1: 0e643b4712a188aa45ff1eab351fad3c78aafb5c
SHA256: 46d7e55452aa8e6a8e9550a2348b2c054fb2965257eac62a9912e28d64103f32
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Legacy Update 1.2

  • Released:
  • Warning

    Versions 1.1 - 1.4 may cause boot issues on Windows XP Home Edition. See 1.4.1 for more info.

    • Fixes the installer failing to update the Windows Update Agent on Windows XP SP3.
    • Improves other error handling in the installer.
    • Adds a Control Panel shortcut to Legacy Update in addition to the Start menu shortcut.
    • The installer now checks whether your system is capable of connecting to websites with modern SSL, and if so, uses HTTPS when connecting to the Legacy Update server.
    • When launching Legacy Update from the Start menu/Control Panel, the Internet Explorer window will be resized to better fit the website on your screen.
    • To reduce confusion, the installer now hides the original Windows Update shortcut from the Start menu. It will be restored if you uninstall Legacy Update.
SHA1: f03448c9ff372847426366bc5701704bd25d3fc0
SHA256: 2d177366c46a375ff9ee9e0da776334bd800a34e857cebd56bc529bd7030c04f
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Legacy Update 1.1

  • Released:
  • Warning

    Versions 1.1 - 1.4 may cause boot issues on Windows XP Home Edition. See 1.4.1 for more info.

    • Introduces a more intelligent installer that downloads and installs prerequisites as needed for your Windows installation.
    • Hopefully avoids the false-positives version 1.0 was getting from antivirus such as Windows Defender.
    • Visual C++ dependencies are now statically linked into LegacyUpdate.dll, rather than requiring the full Visual C++ Redistributable to be installed.
    • Start menu shortcut now displays a Run As prompt when launched by a limited user, or a UAC prompt on Vista.
    • Fixes "Check Update Server" on the website incorrectly displaying updates as coming "from Microsoft" instead of "from a WSUS server".
    • Tweaks icon to meet Windows XP design guidelines, and adds slightly less awful icons for lower color modes.
SHA1: c12a9e1b84d27744033553f609e565aa53558d63
SHA256: 23bedf6cc0fe7cc0cddcc8bd063c55eafab2844f36b5d387a933486255a2a4f9
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Legacy Update 1.0

  • Released:
    • Initial release
SHA1: 6952541a361a1574af5efd8fbced8b34a92c7e0b
SHA256: ebe8c5a5509d44a992e3deda87d9f230b88bc28eab5c26575a9a5e6c4476b55b
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