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MTP Responder for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 - 091231_KB978465 update

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  • Version: R3
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MTP Responder provides Windows™ Device Stage Baseline and Other Portable Device Profile support. It also provides a subset of the official MTP features.

  • MTP Responder for Windows Embedded 6.0 R3 provides enhances Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) functionality to support Windows 7 Device Stage. Device Stage offers a central location in Windows for your users to discover and use their devices. When you include Device Stage support in your device, users can get detailed information about the device, copy files to and from the device, run device-specific tasks, read a product manual, and buy accessories for the device, all in one handy location. Device Stage provides these capabilities without requiring the user to download or install software.For complete details regarding this release, please download the MTP Responder Development Guide.pdf below.


Status: Live

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FileSHA1 HashSize
MTP Responder Development Guide.pdf6887553c437f32fbbb14e3a0a11d3d014b99a70a632 KB
WinCEPB60-091231-KB978465-Armv4I.msi23d779c3b1c21ca3f6ddd5da0047e0c53517f57161.04 MB
WinCEPB60-091231-KB978465-MIPSII.msi517c0b4fbf1ee60864429079ac1cfd17572711f460.68 MB
WinCEPB60-091231-KB978465-MIPSII_FP.msi3d1f6de67c19a07cdee8f713ca911d567320438b60.69 MB
WinCEPB60-091231-KB978465-MIPSIV.msi9943294d70baccefd20576e6861e6b3cbdc5c14c60.77 MB
WinCEPB60-091231-KB978465-MIPSIV_FP.msie3bfd2e8beff95ca4dc8c19eac22c9aac9624d1160.78 MB
WinCEPB60-091231-KB978465-SH4.msia26b3d5ea66490acad513debbeaa41e9f18be16460.45 MB
WinCEPB60-091231-KB978465-X86.msi348fff2e8fb9fa364cfa1f9f31984815aa03da3759.95 MB
Windows Embedded CE 6.0_Update_KB978465.htm557cca12466e605dedce5b4c96a20df209de5e1f6 KB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows CE

Installation Instructions

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