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Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Technical Reference

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The Technical Reference provides essential technical information about MIIS 2003.

  • The Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Technical Reference is an in-depth documentation collection about identity information management concepts. It is not intended as an operations or implementation guide. Instead, it provides information managers, system architects, and IT generalists with the necessary background they will need to analyze and develop their own identity management solutions. The collection provides information about:
    •State-based and event-based architecture
    •Directories and identity management solutions
    •Core components of MIIS 2003
    •Architecture and internal structure of MIIS 2003
    •Objects and data flow in MIIS 2003
    •Updated system port information for MIIS 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
    •Updated information for management agent minimum rights and permissions


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MIIS_Run_Profiles.doc2b20bbf5c8ea23a84af4dc2029cc8a493da6ebd144 KB
MIIS_State_Based_Processing.doc7d474a5c460d0097e5075c38f25ffa85a3cbea6086 KB
MIIS_Synchronization_Rules.doc6bbf7c3b1fac0aad19a2f4c92a7c35578a2e9ebf90 KB

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