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SharePoint Server 2010 performance and capacity technical case studies

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Technical case studies that describe specific deployments of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

  • The following technical case studies that describe specific deployments of SharePoint Server 2010. Compare the scenarios in these documents to your planned workload and usage characteristics. If your planned design is similar, you can use the documented deployment as a starting point for your own installation.


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SPServer2010CaseStudyIntranetPublishEnvironment.docxa71d1ad87e6c571d6d77765cfd275c5a6b0fb85b116 KB
SPServer2010CaseStudySocialEnvironment.docxe2873ba205047e8df8c9ac871bf7b731f2418aa7403 KB
SPServer2010LabStudyEnterpriseIntranetCollabEnvironment.docx85acb185c1503848d569b6bf5d02be4c061022cf487 KB

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