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Education Competencies: Interview Worksheets

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The Interview Worksheets provide a structured approach for asking questions and assessing candidate competencies during an interview.

  • Use the Interview Worksheets during the interview process to assess a candidate’s level of proficiency for this competency. Competency questions are included along with space to note the candidate’s response and your thoughts about it. After the interview, use your notes to rate the candidate’s overall proficiency level within this competency.


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Action Oriented - Interview Worksheet.doc3c57ee847d2b9c0461b4e3dbe5083ac39a744bf68 KB
Assessing Talent - Interview Worksheet.doc49a1896771a4e363394b7de0f120d0e7605c2ec08 KB
Building Effective Teams - Interview Worksheet.doc681bfb6d83e442075b81b47000ff0b1b2e3a17fd8 KB
Comfort Around Authority - Interview Worksheet.doc793a5a9dc78ba73143c018535c48f482247c09e78 KB
Conflict Management - Interview Worksheet.doc4a2706cdd601d713db4786e2ef853b44ab540a4b8 KB
Creativity - Interview Worksheet.docfb5b5c557314edc5eaee20d6d54b4f61e79d668b8 KB
Customer Focus - Interview Worksheet.docd34a1c37fd935c0563e28acf640e8bf976b47d2c8 KB
Dealing with Ambiguity - Interview Worksheet.docb775b52744ebc1c7ccd81cd43b529ae65a3c4d6c8 KB
Decision Quality and Problem Solving - Interview Worksheet.doc62aabd1a2d21da7cf67afd91f9b21884cea8ddf48 KB
Developing Others - Interview Worksheet.doc50424c5f6689b46eb28e5e4e8ee1c77709b3c1188 KB
Directing Others - Interview Worksheet.doce791a6ab2ddf027adc39b71f3fa8dbcd93664da98 KB
Drive for Results - Interview Worksheet.doc74a250135e001079ea7b78f279a97407febe12688 KB
Functional - Technical Skills - Interview Worksheet.doc6c8401865de9e33a3bf47c98b6a0e9ac19fd50638 KB
Integrity and Trust - Interview Worksheet.docd0b8f430d2e337ee6d55a6434d30cb256a771d608 KB
Intellectual Acumen - Interview Worksheet.doc0a90dbfa5917e308eb13570a8f3c2d4d58777f5e8 KB
Interpersonal Skill - Interview Worksheet.doc8f35e2695c3d60c7988dda83138063d5b12707f58 KB
Learning on the Fly - Interview Worksheet.doc7935ee60ef5cbf546830edee9d856764403031178 KB
Listening - Interview Worksheet.doc840426dd82a023eb5e733ceded8703e91ea30e6d8 KB
Managerial Courage - Interview Worksheet.doc1316a0ef8614fb29ad718c484dc6d0319fe529738 KB
Managing and Measuring Work - Interview Worksheet.doc539c6aeb8c86a24c1fd2a59dc44cc0d3fdb9d8778 KB
Managing Relationships - Interview Worksheet.doc905561d6ad4f123e9ff1c3010f9a7bd7af15ca118 KB
Managing Through Processes Systems - Interview Worksheet.doc2eb8906351164b431483cb2bb37bb19e319fb4d08 KB
Managing Vision and Purpose - Interview Worksheet.doc4943efd07923db5a49d0c7dcbc08598044f2973c8 KB
Motivating Others - Interview Worksheet.doc020f1c6033c3b5f77cd5361773fc67e08154b2178 KB
Negotiating - Interview Worksheet.docde28f881bf101d0b45db29ac09fe61d58daab74d8 KB
Organizational Agility - Interview Worksheet.doc615d88c119d973b8ee10ac26c851b45d03ae53e58 KB
Organizing - Interview Worksheet.docd27f95d03f997140f1b8e93fcf1cff654a469a6d8 KB
Personal Learning and Development - Interview Worksheet.docf8515c9b22c22b69b2754d8fbd728674360684338 KB
Planning - Interview Worksheet.doc3cc9299ff1a5b57daaf0116540ae50a9d5d974298 KB
Presentation Skills - Interview Worksheet.doc0902495ef54bec368724bdbbe64f325a86f32eaa8 KB
Priority Setting - Interview Worksheet.doc3cc0a1f0982067df068a77e9e96d6d5badf9e9508 KB
Strategic Agility and Innovation Management - Interview Worksheet.doc9fc24c673b9e20753a879c2f90cfc9f6709e77b18 KB
Technical Learning - Interview Worksheet.docd2c24ea5ef4185e03c1309250d3ddfbf9a9d69d48 KB
Time Management - Interview Worksheet.docf7a962bb5d123cc84a214dad02fcdd445457073e8 KB
Timely Decision Making - Interview Worksheet.doc79ffb3e1a226cc1b8b53e887e89a684c22f3069c7 KB
Valuing Diversity - Interview Worksheet.doce2119a2f434e42a54671f6be149f38b176a735448 KB
Written Communications - Interview Worksheet.doce29589214a83da52884a5858feb1b5e3846b82167 KB

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