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Audio: Office Development Developer Series

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  • Version: 1.0
  • Category: Misc
  • Language: English

These audio programs discuss common tasks in developing Microsoft Office solutions, and the tools in Visual Studio 2008 that are designed to help you do them.

  • Visual Studio 2008 includes tools that help you customize Microsoft Office applications as part of your own solution. These eleven short programs describe tasks that are common when developing solutions based on Microsoft Office, and some of the tools that can help you finish the job quicker.

    There is also a zipped file that contains transcripts of all eleven audio programs.


Status: Live

This download is still available on The downloads below will come directly from the Microsoft Download Center.

FileSHA1 HashSize
01-CallingCodeInAddInsFromOtherOfficeSolutions.mp3e04d7a42f7fe9e3c1a54194016b2ee08b47bba2c2.55 MB
02-CombiningVBAAndDocumentLevelCustomizations.mp3219c55a76b2bdc747525077d12a21214b5ea5a7f3.61 MB
03-ServerSideDocumentAutomation.mp336e820ea4f6d6b0f15c223590b053e515de1bca02.85 MB
04-UsingWPFControlsInOfficeSolutions.mp3f5e693c1f95f27786a34ec3de2001af7ce8abfd42.04 MB
05-ExcelTasksAndTools.mp361bef97f4daa5d0a8e83ef238d113ac22280b9ea2.30 MB
06-WordTasksAndTools.mp343f0a211bbf5832fcf99a04c571977df0cbbfa733.56 MB
07-OutlookTasksAndTools.mp36ce4373bd5bfe8196ee6ce902aef568407ccee5b3.14 MB
08-SharePointTasksAndTools.mp318b411e4db21ceb7381cf1fea37183f6d00911223.22 MB
09-BuildingAndDebuggingOfficeSolutions.mp3ba809961c4715a374386d23a355b0cd0108e854d3.97 MB
10-DeployingOffice2003Solutions.mp3b048c129a5b7bbd584b313b16f7eea5f8f38d3ad3.31 MB
11-DeployingOfficeSolutionsUsingThe2007OfficeSystem.mp3faf9e3fbd9b702819cfe9501576a6e898f57f9d13.43 MB
Audio_OfficeDevelopmentSeries03_Developer(11episodes).zip8c119168902f2bd17725c278e2ca415e8e4323b833.99 MB
Transcripts_OfficeDevelopmentSeries03_Developer.zipb1046b1277c61b8bdd9b0ec516a959924b7b0013135 KB

File sizes and hashes are retrieved from the Wayback Machine’s indexes. They may not match the latest versions of files hosted on Microsoft servers.

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

  • You need a media player that can play MP3 files.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the zipped file Audio_OfficeDevelopmentSeries03_Developer(11epsodes).zip to get all eleven MP3 files. You can then extract them and transfer them to a portable media player or listen at your computer.

    To get the transcripts, download and extract the eleven Microsoft Office Word documents.

    The audio files are also available individually. When you click Download, the audio begins playing in your default media player.

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