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Tasks for published intranet sites in SharePoint Server 2010

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Map of tasks involved in creating a published intranet site

  • Use these files as a visual summary of the tasks involved in planning for, setting up, and maintaining a published intranet site by using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. The tasks span end-users, IT professionals, and developers. For more information and links that can help complete these tasks, see the Published Intranet Site Solution Center.
    About published intranet sites
    A published intranet site is a site that is internal to an organization and uses the publishing features in SharePoint Server 2010 to host content for the entire organization. This is usually the main communications site or portal for the organization. Typically, such a site is not available to external users. The site is usually branded and is not a collaboration mechanism, but rather a place to consolidate information that needs to be widely shared with the whole organization.
    About these files
    You can download one or all of the following files from this page:
    • PublishedIntranetTaskMap.mmap    List of tasks categorized by stage and audience, in Mindjet MindManager format. If you have MindManager, you can edit this file to be specific to your environment.
    • PublishedIntranetTaskMap.pdf    List of tasks categorized by stage and audience, in PDF format. This file, accessible with free software, is a good companion to the Published Intranets Solution Center.
    • PublishedIntranetTaskRollup    List of tasks with brief descriptions and links to more information, in Microsoft Word format. This file contains much of the same information as the Published Intranets Solution Center, but can be read and changed offline.


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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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