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System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Documentation

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This download provides the technical documentation for Operations Manager 2007 R2.

  • The Operations Manager 2007 R2 technical documentation helps you plan, deploy, operate, and maintain Operations Manager 2007 R2. For information about the specific guides available in the library, see

    May 2010: Added a .zip file containing all documents to provide a single download. For release dates of individual documents, see System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Product Documentation ( 2010: Updated individual Design Guide download and version of Design Guide in .zip file.Sep 2010: Updated individual downloads and version in .zip file for the Administrator's Guide, Deployment Guide, and Design Guide.


Status: Live

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FileSHA1 HashSize
Linked.Reporting.MP.xmla5b4ae03a8ebbefe9d52edb051d41c4c7487ba102 KB
OM2007R2_CrossPlatformMPAuthoringGuide.docx2d58761396fb82fb89038663b7a99bd44d2a2f34103 KB
OM2007R2_CrossPlatformMPAuthoringGuide_Samples.zipaa85eb8995ddca0d03279551a8ab833e440b15548 KB
OM2007R2_DeploymentGuide.docx6f36f5d2ffb9d34e0dca83a7bc8ed76a0eafdbc7412 KB
OM2007R2_DesignGuide.docxc97831d2780f57c878510da7cfe80cb892259011113 KB
OM2007R2_MigrationGuide.docx89102458e4581e41c969e48f09bbc741d43770ed226 KB
OM2007R2_MPAuthoringGuide.docx67d2f1f5e059b662c9afc8684d9e5ea138588faa1.12 MB
OM2007R2_MPModuleReference.docx6f25b1a60957aec457f9e2158e47b4263bd5712f235 KB
OM2007R2_OperationsAdministratorsGuide.docx303302fd5897d5c424aef44fad98ab1b6c1fc2fe376 KB
OM2007R2_OperationsUsersGuide.docx35c47a1d9ed96748892d5e313880e888481e2140315 KB
OM2007R2_SecurityGuide.docxadbbe455b2e9cca2724a41dba8209abba3493408170 KB
OM2007R2_UpgradeGuide.docx2a8e5ae4c87637d41b204330ed0807755782f0b8133 KB
OM2007_AuthGuideXplat.exe2de6fb177a7d78ed685ece79a1ffccb1db2e11d5105 KB
OM2007_ReportAuthoringGuide.docx72881ecc059cddd4b9c6e86667305432e93d90de385 KB
System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Documentation.zipf76f1ff1d8203c34650b9a1cc97fe54375d8236d3.64 MB

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Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008

  • Microsoft Word or Word Viewer

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