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Microsoft HPC Platform Partner Industry Solutions and Case Studies

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Learn how Microsoft's HPC Platform and partners' solutions can help accerlerate time to insight.

  • Microsoft partners combine resources with Microsoft's HPC Platform and produce high-performance and high productivity solutions.


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Altair CCS Solution Brief.pdf16220af0230a8381168c6787170ed1e07a5f8b971.78 MB
Ansys FEA_CCS Solution Brief.pdf69e0cd28394a10606197ed1b73d1e56a87a74483398 KB
ANSYS_Fluent CFD_CCS Solution Brief.pdf9c66ce700ab2228c0d6b1fdf39631e401e77c006263 KB
Bio Team and Life Sciences Solution Brief.pdf50932f54f4d3d3eea63b45d68896f7b0e06f2cbb487 KB
CCS_SB_CRASH_ESI.pdf851e6e558bdfa79c3c4674ec6c8210280fa7127f296 KB
Dell HPC InfoBrief.pdfb1fa63f5f3ade563b5bcbc89248e6ec5f1915620127 KB
Intel CCS Education Brief.pdfef3dafd1c89c17df73081b974257ea7904db00a81.02 MB
Intel CCS Solution Brief.pdffa799991c44f9ebad4851072cab125cbb1f67cad1.11 MB
IntelHPC_Educational Brief.pdf0590db433f74fce7eda22c68e34f027cecead53a149 KB
Intel_Microsoft HPC Solution Brief.pdf42a62941e2e22825e271b5ba547e0a88c328e643898 KB
LSTC_64bit_Case Study.doc644f648b1dec3b93ac8bc8bfcb959196d9d3b546474 KB
MathWorks_WinXP64_Case Study.docc1bcfb24160768cc764c936899c60d271031a4fa356 KB
Microsoft_ HPC_X-ISS_Case Study.pdfb6a1ec88b8d0929aadeaeef7215ca41b8b5c0cc8149 KB
Microsoft_HPC_PCPC_Case Study.pdfd3186483807a0de5a6c67014405b7fc96416b22d139 KB
The MathWorks CCS Solution Brief.pdf2a73cd0a5f2016e2e3b30fdfb4c1a688857a886f941 KB
Wolfram CCS Solution Brief.pdf1c8af621d70d4c14cdc881d2512cc42d0b92082d653 KB

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