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Enterprise Library 2.0

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  • Version: 2.0
  • Category: Application
  • Language: English

Enterprise Library is a collection of reusable and extensible application blocks for enterprise development.

  • Enterprise Library, the collection of reusable and extensible application blocks for enterprise development, has been improved and updated specifically for Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0


Status: Live

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FileSHA1 HashSize
03MAR2005 EntLib Webcast.ppt696fa28da5162e782090289672e1306b5fb6ed411.33 MB
04MAR2005 Config Block Webcast.ppt09ed51aca790af329f9b05993b2c4121032f640b1.40 MB
10MAR2005 Caching Block.pptfea6fb8f766b8cef62e5466fdee65885bed242181.21 MB
14MAR2005 Logging Block.ppt7854134f6777647a39f6afe95e130854579db2511.49 MB
17MAR2005 Exception Handling Block.pptda9f642cf8ba9c96e21c917ad8d9a7794832079a1.32 MB
22MAR2005 Crypto Block Webcast.ppt0dee1f7b72af10f643daea5fefb4aaa4ce9cc0fa1.77 MB
24MAR2005 Security Block Webcast.ppt82aed137026ae8dfdaa4f4978bec891e94ef68ff1.37 MB
29MAR2005 BuildingYourOwnBlock.ppt29a270a824f75936b692897a139b0a6bb202843f1.46 MB
31MAR2005 Entlib Applied Webcast.ppt99012b78f64d34f6daa7ae1e5ba8422a0aea4fe12.51 MB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows XP

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