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Microsoft Project 2010 “Ignite” (a.k.a. “Quick Start 2010 Training”)

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This download contains the recordings for the 11 Microsoft Project 2010 “Ignite” (also referred as “Quick Start 2010 Training”) videos.

  • The recordings included in this download are:
    • Introduction
    • Planning, Design, and Deployment
    • Upgrade and Migration
    • Demand Management
    • Portfolio Strategy
    • Timesheets and Statusing
    • Reporting, Part 1
    • Reporting, Part 2
    • Administration
    • Operations
    • Development/Extensibility
    • Conclusion

    The recordings above represent a total of 8.5 hours of valuable recording available at your fingertip that you should all watch (5.5 hours of presentation and 3 hours of product demonstrations).

    Each module is conveniently delivered using a Silverlight player that gives you the ability to view the presenter and the slides as the same time as well as give you a chapter breakdown and full transcription of presentation. Please note that the primary goal of the Ignite content was to enable technical readiness prior to launch, focusing specifically on what’s new with respect to EPM 2007, hence we highly encourage you invest in training for a successful implementation of this exciting release of Microsoft Project 2010. You can view video presentations of each Ignite training module on the Microsoft Project 2010 Ignite Online Recordings page in the Project 2010 web site. PowerPoint slides used in the training can be downloaded at the following location: Microsoft Project 2010 “Ignite” training slide presentations. For additional technical information referenced in the slides, see the Project Server 2010 TechCenter (TechNet) or the Project 2010 Resource Center (MSDN). For more information about Project 2010, see the Project 2010 Web site.


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FileSHA1 HashSize
IgniteRecordings/10_ Operations.zipbc2201d8ce1e4e67dd04d0e4dd36808c035c9723157.22 MB
IgniteRecordings/11_ Extensibility.zip4c3829466b3fe470266e66f9aa3c4c4174621f8a101.02 MB
IgniteRecordings/12_ Conclusion.zip04ef556c926d274da02aed9827eb6fd2fb05a42e126.53 MB
IgniteRecordings/1_Introduction.zipcbce42054893d03acc9098e783b719ca5477f4f946.48 MB
IgniteRecordings/2_Planning_Design_and_Deployment.zip8ec704b0434f678c021c37b5ae8cb9cefba9324b163.14 MB
IgniteRecordings/3_Upgrade_and_Migration.zip431ddbefd41cbb5b66f1a88d299b762495069ede146.12 MB
IgniteRecordings/4_Demand_Management.zip43b67ba833df71b66168eefff114af3bd7c86c21212.85 MB
IgniteRecordings/5_Portfolio_Strategy.zipd8705c579675fc78fb308850d1e8b26fdfdbfa7a214.36 MB
IgniteRecordings/6_Timesheet_and_Statusing.zipd31d8459354fa04cedc0f12b06862302ead62b5a177.78 MB
IgniteRecordings/7_Reporting_Part_1.zip94131a7875ef96ac137647d4e4bc47dd1096308f190.00 MB
IgniteRecordings/8_Reporting_Part_2.zipe566d4acafbc5d3dbf048ec4b53f5d4a1626944c140.09 MB
IgniteRecordings/9_Administration.zip7d572ce788219baf009e06cbd9388dcee311c4aa144.30 MB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Installation Instructions

  • Please download corresponding module for offline viewing.