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Live Communications Server 2005 Enterprise Edition Document: Deployment Guide

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This document guides you through the deployment of a Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 Enterprise Edition.

  • The Live Communications Server 2005 Enterprise Edition Deployment Guide explains how to deploy Enterprise Edition in your organization. Information provided in this document includes:

    • An overview of Live Communications Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

    • Deploying an Enterprise pool, which is one or more Enterprise Edition Servers connected to a Live Communications Server 2005 Back-End Database

    • Configuring certificates and TLS

    • Configuring DNS and client access

    • Configuring SIP URI domains in your organization

    • Clustering Live Communications Server 2005 Back-End Database

    • Backup and restore operations and other administration


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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

    • This download works with the following Office application:
      • Microsoft Office Live Communication Server 2005

Installation Instructions

  • To install this download:
    1. Download the file by clicking the Download button (above) and saving the file to your hard disk.
    2. Double-click the LCS_2005_Deploy_EE.exe program file on your hard disk to start the Setup program.
    3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
    Instructions for use:

    After you install this download, open the document as you typically would.

    To remove this download:

    To remove the download file, delete the file LCS_2005_Deploy_EE.exe.

    To remove the document, delete it from the folder where it was saved.

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