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.NET Rocks! - Developing for Second Life

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Carl and Richard talk to Chris Hart, Kyle G, and Zain Naboulsi about developing software for Second Life, and how the world of .NET intersects with the virtual world of SL.

  • Chris Hart is a .NET developer, and a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Application Development. With a career that includes several years working for Wrox Press as an editor and author, as well as several years of development experience, Chris has been involved in the .NET world for around 9 years (since before it was called .NET!). Chris is also an active participant in the Second Life .NET User Group, and can be found under the avatar alias of Strawberry Fride.

    Kyle G was an Advanced Electronics Technician for the US Navy from 1989-95 at Sub Squadron 16 Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA. He formed G2 with his wife after success using 3D to train clients and partners worldwide working as a Test Engineer at an aerospace firm. Kyle implemented state-wide fuel tank monitoring system using cellular and satellite technologies to report to central web services system for dispatching and inventory control/security. He designed and built ASP.NET applications for small to medium size businesses, and now plans to use Second Life as a business tool for data visualization, product demonstrations and training.

    Technology is useless if it doesn’t serve a clear purpose. That’s Zain Naboulsi’s philosophy. In fact, showing people how technology can make their lives better delivers his greatest on-the-job thrills. Zain has over 12 years of experience in software development and has taught a wide range of advanced technologies to thousands of students in more than 5,000 presentations He’s been a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1995 and holds all major Microsoft certifications, plus credentials from Cisco, Checkpoint and CompTIA. Zain launched his development career with Visual Basic 3.0 and honed his implementation skills with Windows NT 3.51 and OS/2. Lately, he’s been focused on the OO programming languages and developing his extensive knowledge of .NET technologies. When he’s not behind the podium, Zain is polishing his gaming chops and hoping that someone will hire him as a professional video game player. You can also find him sneaking off to eat Dairy Queen Blizzards whenever he’s on the road. Just don’t tell his wife.


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