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Information Week: Analytics Report - Unlocking Virtualization

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This is Information Week report for business managers and IT managers aligning business objectives with technology. Download the following document “Virtualization: Facing IT and Business Realities” for a closer look at the benefits and challenges involved in taking advantage of virtualization, from both perspectives.

  • Virtualization is the sort of game-changing technology that comes around once in decade, but so far its primary use has been to consolidate non-critical applications running on under-utilized servers. While technical decision makers manage the infrastructure on which applications run, it’s the line of business managers and corporate executives who must sign off on the bill. While IT executive may be excited about the prospects of running critical applications in a virtualized environment, business leaders may have a different percept on this new technology.

    In this report, we’ll compare and contrast the perception of business decision makers and technical decision makers on running production applications in a virtualized environment. While our poll will touch on such issues as security and privacy, we will emphasize both IT’s perceived and actual ability to assure performance, stability and availability and provide SLA metrics back to business technology partners.


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