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Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Pack

  • Published:
  • Version: 1.0
  • Category: Application
  • Language: English

The SCW MUI Pack provides multilingual user interface (MUI) support for the SCW wizard on Windows Server 2003 SP1 servers.

  • The Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) MUI Packs are available for x86-based and ia64-based servers running Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1).

    Note the ia64 package provides MUI support for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese only.


Status: Deleted

This download is no longer available on The downloads below are archives provided by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine from the Microsoft Download Center prior to August 2020.

SHA1: d71830c96827e9479ed5a026e3f374d5f2e19102
1.20 MB
SHA1: a0082c75344dc1ef0cd49b242221dc0fb02a4d96
3.05 MB

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003

  • The SCW MUI Packs can be installed on x86 and ia64 servers running Windows Server 2003 SP1 with the SCW optional component installed.

Installation Instructions

  • 1. Select one of the MUI Packs (x86 or ia64) at the bottom of this page to start the download.

    2. Do one of the following:

  • To start the installation immediately, click Run.

  • To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save.