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patterns & practices Symposium - Redmond 2010

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Materials for patterns & practices Symposium - Redmond 2010

  • These are zip files for each individual session and workshop from the patterns & practices Symposium held in Redmond, WA, USA in October 2010. The zip file contains PPT and sample code.


Status: Live

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1-Keynote - Clean Code - Craftsmanship and
SHA1: 731e2dcaaa193a0e7637b2a1a2355651c009dffa
2.75 MB
10-Command Query Responsibility Separation
SHA1: 83e5dfbc255b5917c011a91b2df088436f457814
4.43 MB
11-Open Data, Open
SHA1: 4ea50f052826e3c75c37e8ebafccfd89859e9527
3.58 MB
12-Agile Web Development with ASP.NET
SHA1: 76e51a8063e9e3ea8cd0d00d8936fb524d04791f
848 KB
13-Keynote - Windows Phone 7
SHA1: d1c7fc2d8c82832105a7c231ab7da741e6a31d32
2.89 MB
14-Designing Great Mobile Apps with WP7 and
SHA1: 0a91ef936fe6ec045b2886b8d398bf1f2d1cea94
5.55 MB
15-jQuery - The way JavaScript should
SHA1: e1cb3182eace8035d9bf6efe20989a4c8edc1971
137 KB
16-Model View View-Model Pattern
SHA1: 9920548e4e570ba8b994eb0689056cadd0642bc2
1 KB
18-Design with
SHA1: 4a8d7cf34140ef0c6289c802091d4791decfab09
7.81 MB
19-Keynote - Visual Studio
SHA1: f6ba870fec450e83ce16a0f2d71739ee08c97d5e
8.70 MB
2-Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection
SHA1: 949ad9b83a6dca38bbd46ac2a99ac6967d6da06c
2.85 MB
20-Next Generation of Automated
SHA1: 34d4081a8a4f521dd465c7d1618dda4e9c3b74de
13.87 MB
21-Patterns of Healthy Teams using Visual Studio and
SHA1: f22b0f9d7b3a57663d38a592e21b1406a827a0ff
986 KB
3-Preserving Software Assets Across UI
SHA1: b7b167f28bc9e1573d9cab367d6134c3d11edbf3
18.29 MB
4-Understanding Users' Needs - The Quadrant of
SHA1: 3c0838bfe4968c2a30436802469ec4d74be4b73d
1.97 MB
5-Parallel Programming with Design Patterns and
SHA1: 1cf7833a3d462ddf544b3593c181d25ef96a0ecc
2.33 MB
7-Keynote - Cloud Computing Challenges and
SHA1: 08cc007fd53764e63ead498108f9912206e2ad80
4.30 MB
8-REST, it's more than
SHA1: c4f9c51b763e49028e518f5010058b781bf8507a
1.73 MB
9-Designing Applications for
SHA1: 9a7ab0c9f56a2a95a4309c2f213c04f8bd1785db
1.59 MB
w1-Workshop - Enterprise
SHA1: a63e25236875158bda3bfa0b442758608a056b0f
9.09 MB
w2-Workshop -
SHA1: 71c9f125797915ef2a42db8ace0105f76046675d
14.45 MB
w3-Workshop - Windows Azure
SHA1: 7f8d058d1d81d09bc467ffd539ad0c43800f75ab
4.51 MB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 7

  • PowerPoint.

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip into a location of your choice and examine contents.