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Code Sample: Automating Word with Visual Basic

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Code Sample: Automating Word with Visual Basic

  • The sample application “WordAutomation” demonstrates how to start Word, create a document, insert text and tables, replace fields with your own text, perform a mail merge and create a Word 2007 table from an ADO.NET DataTable.


Status: Deleted

This download is no longer available on The downloads below are archives provided by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine from the Microsoft Download Center prior to August 2020.

FileSHA1 HashSize
WordAutomationSample.exe1a9f768cc4654279aae1081e8353d3692b35e3ec254 KB

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP

  • Visual Basic 2005, Office 2007

Installation Instructions

  • Download, unzip and run

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