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Microsoft Volume Licensing Brief: Application Server License Mobility

  • Published:
  • Version: Sept. 26, 2012
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  • Language: English

A description of recent licensing changes that permit greater mobility of software licenses across servers within data centers and server farms.

  • Learn how you can take advantage of virtualization technologies by reassigning licenses across servers within a server farm. This applies to software licenses for certain server applications and all external connector (EC) licenses.

    In the past, it was necessary to assign Microsoft server software and EC licenses to a specific server for at least 90 days before reassigning them to another server. With the implementation of new terms for certain products, Microsoft is waiving the 90-day reassignment rule, allowing you to reassign licenses from one server to another within a server farm as frequently as you need to. This allows you to freely move both licenses and running instances within a server farm from one server to another.

    This brief explains the new terms, lists eligible server licenses, and provides answers to frequently asked questions.


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