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Wave 14 Documents

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Wave 14 Documents

  • These are Wave 14 related documents.


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FileSHA1 HashSize
Microsoft Premier Support Services.pdfcaa74b6ab38aa35c43a088c8164225f26e7f0b0b775 KB
Microsoft Roadmap Event Next Steps.pdf3e75faae9d31b7f3cb5413abdf3bc8181641f1782.96 MB
Microsoft Roadmap Keynote Presentation - Save, Innovate, Grow.pdf58fe864ae0ffe28dd83821dc9573c1311dbcea4e5.98 MB
Microsoft Technology Roadmaps Xbox Sweepstakes.pdf603ac6e604c201ee54f34d81c0f67864b635902e233 KB
MIcrosoft The Future of Productivity Presentation.pdfacd0efed96df97aa0109675e3f966d3f8397d1c4614 KB
Roadmap Core Infra Deck - Client.pdfe11a90ca55287e430f741336ac273fd9cbe1692f7.29 MB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista

  • Adobe Reader

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