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WCF, WF and .NET 3.5 Whitepapers by David Chappell

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Collection of whitepapers authored by David Chappell on .NET Framework 3.5

  • Collection of whitepapers authored by David Chappell on .NET Framework 3.5. This includes an introduction to Windows Communication Foundation, an introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation and an overall introduction to .NET Framework 3.5. There's also a paper describing the diverse array of communications protocols and transports supported by WCF.


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Introducing_WF_in_NET_Framework_35_v1.docf63c20d459529484e1642e85018c9d1a101a82dc925 KB
WCF_Diversity_Paper_v1.doc1aa6c1114f6d97fb718d5fef18f079e42070436f2.14 MB

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