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Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 Documentation

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  • Version: 4.0
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Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 enables users to optimize business performance through strategic decision-making.

  • The downloads on this page include documentation that provides information about features of the product and how to use it. Business Scorecard Manager 2005 documentation includes the following:
    • Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 ReadMe (ReadMe.htm)The ReadMe contains important information that was not available when the documentation for the product was written. Workarounds are provided for known issues.
    • Business Scorecard Manager Server Planning and Administration Guide (AdminGuide.exe) The Planning and Administration Guide contains information that system administrators use to install, configure and manage a Business Scorecard Manager server deployment.
    • Business Scorecard Builder Help Documentation (Builder_Help.exe) The Business Scorecard Builder Help includes conceptual and procedural information for users who create scorecards in the Business Scorecard Builder application.
    • Business Scorecard Manager API Reference (ScoreCardAPI.exe) The Application Programming Interface (API) reference is a complete reference to the Business Scorecard Manager 2005 API for developers.
    • SharePoint Web Part Help (Views_Help.exe) The SharePoint Web Part Help is written for end users who use Business Scorecard Manager scorecards and reports on a SharePoint site.


Status: Deleted

This download is no longer available on The downloads below are archives provided by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine from the Microsoft Download Center prior to August 2020.

FileSHA1 HashSize
AdminGuide.exe82c8a8bd7f9d33838e6da9c348d0a0cd57ae3652178 KB
Builder_Help.exebfe0293d4128d2ddaa8acda9707fa195d5200e8f464 KB
ReadMe.htm0342a3a3258ca3910838e100abc130c09f15f04013 KB
ScoreCardAPI.exeed0469f674e721113ae56bdd06c6bfc7ce624c6a2.10 MB
Views_Help.exe87563658963204ab40e5a5adc3eee04d3f070eae108 KB

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows XP

    • To view the files you download on this page, you need Microsoft Window XP.

    • To view the software requirements for using Business Scorecard Manager 2005, see, requirements page.

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    For more information, see the Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 Home Page.