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Quick Start Guide for Outlook Voice Access 2010

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  • Version: Jan2011
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This download contains a quick reference sheet that can be used when navigating the menu system found in Outlook Voice Access.

  • Outlook Voice Access lets UM-enabled users to access their Exchange 2010 mailbox using analog, digital, or cellular telephones. By using the menu system found in Outlook Voice Access, UM-enabled users can read e-mail, listen to voice messages, and interact with their Outlook calendar. This quick reference sheet shows the navigational tree and the options that are available to UM-enabled users when they are using Outlook Voice Access.


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OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_de-DE.pdfd199b5a74dbe77a32a96b7e0aba4d6f0b576c62c251 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_en-AU.pdf7693d7940c8003b63a3fc6d9f1efb2348764ec93249 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_en-GB.pdffd0a8f887cd6a15a361ff5e52e4b9ac2f00cfa52255 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_en-US.pdffc753fcac8baa86fbeb89c30826b3d83b74a33a91.02 MB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_es-ES.pdf6825572b59f08bf6a7911a67906fbd65338ac033257 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_es-MX.pdf1c4f65e231b978f853422dfa0d4e767da9d9c37a251 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_fr-CA.pdf067052c2f569470e7bfceffb3e8786d454129f0c251 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_fr-FR.pdfa53f8a45586f76c5f8a6f1b43eaf8412c608cda9256 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_it-IT.pdf4f68950612bdef26fe95ce6b030a9adb5a414312251 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_ja-JP.pdf04106a948ab21b8ad99347706543bf874ac6098e346 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_ko-KR.pdffa1b49b709bad6f0fc9c22c9a27a58710cf88cf5405 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_nl-NL.pdfe0fa514f3420ff9c9eb70a7a73cfd81fd2c77e47221 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_pt-BR.pdf568040e272e602fcb9bc82aec5b930e51f4c2d08256 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_ru-RU.pdf1fd0f89d2d12b69f2d9890f07d7df8393d15fd021,020 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_sv-SE.pdf90e0580d15d8f9b4a0f243967315d69e05c98e48249 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_zh-CN.pdfe8c533935d7f98be69568ebfe945421d4e9aec7d464 KB
OutlookVoiceAccess2010QuickStart_zh-TW.pdf7f9ce1da5d1600e466b7d94a69ba2aa7eca48f3e482 KB

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