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.NET Rocks! - Catching up with Dr. Neil Roodyn

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Carl and Richard talk to Dr. Neil about Mix, Live Services, WPF, Silverlight, Grava, and other cool technology he's been involved with.

  • Dr. Neil Roodyn has been closely associated with leading edge technologies for the last ten years. This started with adopting, using and then teaching C++ in the early 1990’s. Then in 1995 getting to grips with the details of COM and travelling around Europe teaching and mentoring development teams. Since 1999 Neil has been involved with the agile development movement, especially eXtreme Programming, which he has been using to help teams get more out of their development lifecycle. In the last 3 years Neil has been leading the push to .NET, by running several .NET projects and teaching .NET courses. Dr. Neil’s mobile lifestyle has lead him into the realm of mobile platforms and in the last couple of years Neil has been helping developers with mobile related development, including the Tablet PC, Pocket PC and Smartphone. Neil studied Software Architectures for Real Time Systems at University College London, for which he received a PhD. Neil is currently available to teach any of these skills and more.


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