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Visual Basic LINQ Hands On Labs for Visual Studio 2008

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These labs provide an introduction to The LINQ Project.

  • These Visual Basic LINQ Hands-on Labs provide an introduction to the LINQ Project. Learn basic LINQ features, including the Standard Query Operators, and see how these features can be used against in-memory collections, connected databases, and XML documents. The labs also provide a clear picture of the relational data access support provided by the LINQ Project, referred to as LINQ to SQL.

    The language integrated query framework for .NET (codenamed “LINQ”) is a set of language extensions to C# and Visual Basic and a unified programming model that extends the .NET Framework to offer integrated querying for objects, databases and XML.


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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

  • You must have Word 97 or higher to read these documents. To follow the labs you will need Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Basic 2008 Express installed.

Installation Instructions

  • These are Word .doc files which need Word 97 or higher to open. Click the download button and save the files to disk then double-click to open.

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