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Update for Windows Mobile (KB949168)

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This is the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6 (Pocket PC and Smartphone) update to address DST related issues in 2008 due to revised Daylight Saving Time laws in many countries.

  • This release updates time zone registry data for Eastern Australia and Baghdad time zones in addition to New Zealand, Western Australia, US, Canada, and Mexico DST related issues in 2008. For complete details regarding the updates in this release, please download the file above.
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Status: Live

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6

  • Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC.
    Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphone.
    Windows Mobile 6 Professional.
    Windows Mobile 6 Standard.
    Windows Mobile 6 Classic.

Installation Instructions

  • 1. Click the download above to download the file
    2. Please copy the file to the device and click on it to execute it. (There are multiple ways to copy a file to the device - one of them is to use ActiveSync)