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Slowing and Stopping E-Mail Transmitted Viruses in an Microsoft Exchange Environment

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This document provides you with recommendations about how to fortify a Microsoft Exchange environment against e-mail transmitted viruses and worms.

  • Viruses and worms transmitted by e-mail have become a destructive reality that many administrators of Microsoft Exchange battle.
    This document provides you with recommendations on how to fortify a Microsoft® Exchange environment against e-mail transmitted viruses and worms. Resources for the implementation details related to the recommendations are included.
    If you are a messaging administrator who is responsible for mail flow at the implementation level, this document is critical because its recommendations and information will help you provide a higher level of service to your clients. If you are a messaging architect, this information will be helpful to you when planning a messaging topology and solution. If you are a desktop administrator, review this article for suggestions for maintaining a virus-free computing environment for your clients. If you are a member of the messaging team, the decision you make about antivirus software should fit into the overall antivirus solution deployed on the desktops. If you are a network or firewall administrator for Microsoft Active Directory directory service, you may also benefit from understanding the recommendations in this document.


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