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Fibre Channel Information Tool (fcinfo)

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Tool for discovery of SAN resources and configuration information on your Fibre Channel SAN

  • Tool for gathering configuration information on your Fibre Channel SAN based on the SNIA HBAAPI for management of Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters and discovery of SAN resources. For more info on HBAAPI, see:


Status: Live

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fcinfo_amd64.msie21c494c6fbd8f9e73a7c998f471d8796124327c199 KB
fcinfo_ia64.msic507f6259c66145d4fa41e6ebd84f0b56fedb206263 KB
fcinfo_x86.msi1145a230fdaa79486116484188cd76abba9b390e170 KB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003

  • 1. Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 or later
    or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later
    2. A Fibre Channel Storport miniport or SCSIport miniport that supports the HBAAPI (from QLogic, Emulex, LSI)
    ---> EMULEX SUPPORTED ADAPTERS (using either EMULEX Storport Miniport v1.03 (or later) or SCSIport Miniport v5.10a10 (or later): LP8000; LP8000DC; LP850; LP9002L; LP9002DC; LP9402DC; LP952L; LP9802; LP9802DC; LP982; LP10000; LP10000DC; LP1050; LP1050DC; LP10000Ex; LP101;
    ---> LSI Logic Corp supported adapters (using STORPORT miniport driver or above): LSI40919H, LSI40919LH, LSI40919O, LSI40919LO, LSI44929H, LSI44929LH, LSI44929O, LSI44929LO, LSI7102XP-LC, LSI7202XP-LC and LSI7402XP-LC
    ---> QLOGIC SUPPORTED ADAPTERS (Using driver version 8.2.3.x or 9.x.x.x or above): QLA2300; QLA2340; QLA2342; QLA2344; QLE2360; QLE2362; HP QLA2340; IBM HS20; HP QLA2342; HP QLA2312; Intel SBFCM-2312; QMC2342; QUANTA-QLA2312; HP QLA2312; HP QLA2312; HP QLA2312; HP A6826

Installation Instructions

  • Download and run the MSI. This is a command line tool, follow the instructions in the readme.txt file