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Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager – CRM Analyzer Template Samples

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Sample templates utilizing CRM Analyzer 2006

  • These samples will get you up and running with Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 utilizing the sample OLAP database provided from CRM 3.0 Analyzer. The purpose of the CRM Analzyer database is to provide a sample OLAP database for exploring the possibilities of OLAP utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have provided 3 samples scorecards to get you up and running quickly utilizing Analysis Services 2005 and Business Scorecard Manager.


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CRM Analyzer v4 0.abf6570e9b4233f91ecb9f388048dd6369609630e5a596 KB
CRM Analyzer.bsw5ae709d19f60fb396f2c0d106aa1b2ab9cb4595917 KB
Leads Analysis - CRM Analyzer.bsw227438f451d8d93558f19ee7bd47d00667433ccd20 KB
Opportunity Analysis- CRM Analyzer.bsw24d04e94e73899176de71c032a0158be252f0ad417 KB
Opportunity Products - CRM Analyzer.bswf684def3d3f0b1f352ba1fd8e49ae690db5b7a7a19 KB
Readme.doc090367b6bcce5a9d21a8003f4b4e161a361ae04055 KB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows XP

  • Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005

Installation Instructions

  • Follow instructions in the Readme.doc