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The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and Security Compliance Manager—all brought to you by the Microsoft Solution Accelerators team—provide tested guidance and automated tools to help you plan, securely deploy, and manage new Microsoft technologies—easier, faster, and at less cost. All are freely available, and fully-supported by Microsoft.

  • The Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), and Security Compliance Manager (SCM) are all designed to help make you better at the things you do best. In order to effectively use these Solution Accelerators to help plan your organization’s migration to new Microsoft technologies and to securely deploy and manage those technologies, it’s first essential to understand the features and benefits of each tool.

    The Solution Accelerators team has created a sampling of getting started guides, demos, data sheets, and FAQs to provide high and low-level introductions to MAP, MDT, and SCM. These resources will give you the information you need to get started with the tools and guidance that will help to make your job easier and more efficient.


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MAP (Customer) Video.wmv
SHA1: 80edbac256d7ddb9f437be7ffebdbda9e717f9ff
14.49 MB
MAP 5.5 Azure Demo.wmv
SHA1: 5d1d9690df39fd1de932e6abd621d48e2a56c54a
34.88 MB
MAP 5.5 Azure Demo_Customer.wmv
SHA1: a02eb4fefe8805ce841fb15bd7cd4b351cce19d1
22.34 MB
MAP 5.5 Data Sheet_IT Pro.docx
SHA1: 092b6ee41806d6428aa4db74dfa94aaa1df0c498
462 KB
MAP 5.5 Demo_Office 2010_IT Pro.wmv
SHA1: dc2f8c2db642b64fed4764f0e7b7a465b210956b
24.73 MB
MAP 5.5 Demo_Office 2010_Partner.wmv
SHA1: 049ac6d4e638d478f463bffddcd4e758cca44cc5
24.48 MB
MAP 5.5 Demo_Win7 IE8_IT Pro.wmv
SHA1: d950cc224c58baf5c1a9890cf759309824ecc9f6
24.25 MB
MAP 5.5 Demo_Win7 IE8_Partner.wmv
SHA1: 3dfd86d806dd627a0ec2c6d388531b4701397a71
23.73 MB
MAP 5.5 for Windows Server.wmv
SHA1: 99f3acab1b2ec3fc49529b7c68ce8cf3f7be76d7
23.29 MB
MAP 6_0 Data Sheet.docx
SHA1: 01d20fdf3bf4e4650936c93c7afee1e51e6befbe
476 KB
MAP 6_5 Data Sheet.docx
SHA1: 9512e721b6cefcd17d17bcaab78a34a915b7ddf4
443 KB
MAP Data Sheet.docx
SHA1: 9a6b47d5bd9adf7c0b7d130f5f48c41daa885fc7
462 KB
MAP FAQ.docx
SHA1: 384e27611a861d372daf7dc4434dfb04ec060fad
42 KB
SHA1: 863f8f6d89992e63ef732a2577a0796de09943c2
429 KB
MDT (Customer) Video.wmv
SHA1: 86ede4823a59cb5c70777d8537c7d20f7e212db3
9.34 MB
MDT Data Sheet.docx
SHA1: e2642448153da4522ee0a58f6408e514232d9b38
1.52 MB
MDT Demo_Windows Server_IT Pro.wmv
SHA1: ae5133f31a064f490d79b0ce9e6750003ea7cda0
11.84 MB
MDT FAQ.docx
SHA1: d5a5757e96ba4f29e8ee198c75b744c1d669cae9
42 KB
MDT Partner Demo.wmv
SHA1: ca580bbffd5b4a57dbaa86ad94b529f9cf7b3040
8.64 MB
SCM Data Sheet.docx
SHA1: 258b76eccde4f01f352ebf6aab3402ce59821d37
618 KB
SCM Demo_Windows Server_IT Pro.wmv
SHA1: 03ec52c8dd0d04a008ed3c5f40ef76a785337241
19.92 MB
SCM FAQ.docx
SHA1: e0341873eeaef2a711eef67191b02d160f039f50
40 KB
SCM Getting Started Guide.docx
SHA1: 1b24d7b6e94fa0631191d153a372d837f4939e3e
1.04 MB
SCM IT Pro Demo.wmv
SHA1: 92ec3e6e3c4626e1a2c8043bbbcb4f9004eb93a9
18.16 MB
SCM Partner Demo.wmv
SHA1: 51e1fa4bb5be7271890b54178c8d3ad68f55814d
17.96 MB
Solution Accelerator Download Landing Page.docx
SHA1: 7e2a00ffe67fb6c90140b11d1a8359a9a808888a
41 KB
SHA1: e982d38054544d28536285cebdd4365ceedba7d2
151 KB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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