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Windows CE .NET 4.1 - Cumulative Product Update Rollup Package (through 12/31/2007)

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Download the full set of updates for Windows CE .NET 4.1.

  • This is a full set of updates for Windows CE .NET 4.1. If you have installed all of the Windows CE 4.1 updates, you do not need this update. Please see the associated Readme for a list of the included updates. For more information, see the Windows Embedded web site.

    For complete details regarding the updates in this release, please download the WinCE .NET 4.1_Update_Readme_Update_ALL.htm file below.


Status: Deleted

This download is no longer available on The downloads below are archives provided by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine from the Microsoft Download Center prior to August 2020.

FileSHA1 HashSize
WinCE .NET 4.1_Update_Readme_Update_ALL.htmf295a46a8a47414b5cb368ef2a5a73e3b6de889220 KB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-ARMV4-ENU.EXEa54fadbd33321c3b2fe851a783138cbd2393eefc122.03 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-ARMV4-JPN.EXE7620fa6ca568a06b6082e0b975f1d3aed6802be6122.03 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-ARMV4I-ENU.EXE8663d9c3be6b48916c22a0bf60c4513a325fbcc2122.59 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-ARMV4I-JPN.EXE52250790fbf262d6d86e9afa7822644e433501eb122.59 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-ARMV4T-ENU.EXEde8fc2f2f4cb7a9b2691e22158ca3fe3040b324e122.48 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-ARMV4T-JPN.EXE4562a242b4ec12411bed7d631aa4d5c06cb28a5a122.48 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-MIPS16-ENU.EXEd05a381202dd4299672c313e741842824f9412f1114.79 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-MIPS16-JPN.EXEadb8ceea212268d532cd4ebae3883150119fbf30114.79 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-MIPSII-ENU.EXE4cae2b0fd46b8daa0e3887f8a9310ca44831a379126.02 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-MIPSII-JPN.EXEd0fbb644891481b5a06c018aa70dacf4662c6f4b126.02 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-MIPSII_FP-ENU.EXEc92266e33d942aec927884b5a176b093c0f662f2124.22 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-MIPSII_FP-JPN.EXEe09206bd4ecae606399937cd846768e0c7f82162124.21 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-MIPSIV-ENU.EXEa8dbd3e7fc6ba371d7bf60b654665dc41d16f563125.81 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-MIPSIV-JPN.EXE6a54e5da07e4aebaf73d2410d40fa7afd9bef9e4125.81 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-MIPSIV_FP-ENU.EXE9ba7584b45d21f4cba4a92e2189063da319860cd125.99 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-MIPSIV_FP-JPN.EXE7b870a3261fe9fe42ff4c4c009debe8007375967125.99 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-SH3-ENU.EXE4630e837f85969d0b1ded6751bd3b10631a7a7d0118.21 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-SH3-JPN.EXE11c88c5e6f5f5156e87b7df6e28c34ced754cfd6118.42 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-SH4-ENU.EXE773a6d51804ef5ed9582b3390f1f6403ff1b6a70118.43 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-SH4-JPN.EXEcbb129c7bfe2c351571ffed879a73da292bce95e118.43 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-X86-ENU.EXE168d3fa5bd653cba70ffdcb22e88426edc85eca3105.69 MB
WinCEPB41-080101-Update_ALL-X86-JPN.EXEd6fbb428c2d7693e5dc988107180f797b0b82c73105.69 MB

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows CE

    • Windows CE .NET 4.1 Platform Builder
    • 75 MB of disk space required to download, install, and operate per processor

Installation Instructions

  • Important Download Details:
    • Each update is contained in a compressed file along with instructions. All of the updates have been separated to make the download quicker.
    • Updates are cumulative; we suggest that you download all of them. The setup will replace files in your Windows CE Platform Builder installation.
    • If you experience any problems in the download or installation of these updates e-mail [email protected].
    1. Click the file you want to download from the list below.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location.
      • To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk.
    This site provides critical stand-alone updates and monthly rollups of all Windows CE updates available for evaluation customers only. All licensed OEMs should visit the OEM Windows Embedded Web site for updates.

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