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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online deployment, administration, and migration documentation

  • Published:
  • Version: December 2015
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  • Language: English

Documentation for performing tasks associated with your organization’s subscription to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

  • NOTE: We are no longer updating these downloads for current content.This download contains information about performing tasks associated with your organization’s subscription to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. These documents are available online.
    This download includes the following documents:
    • CRMOnlineAdminDep_Prn.pdf.This PDF document is designed for administrators who need to plan and implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in their organizations. The guide also provides information to help users achieve a smooth startup with the system.
    • CRMOutlookInstall_for_CRMOnline.pdf. This PDF document includes installation and configuration instructions for Microsoft Office Outlook for use with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
    • OPtoCRMOnlineMigration.pdf. This PDF document provides step-by-step guidance and best practices that can be leveraged by Microsoft Dynamics partners and customers to migrate an organization in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment (on-premises) to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Following the guidance provided can help streamline the migration process to make the on-boarding experience easier and faster.


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CRMOnlineAdminDep_Prn.pdfadcd7108fe163a4108a6a541d296fd6ad28c53e03.44 MB
CRMOutlookInstall_for CRMOnline.pdf9c5363b9145675f558b064bc280958c2d137036a989 KB
OPtoCRMOnlineMigration.pdf1f3f64cdb7174f6f770eb9af0bcc2b044619c47f811 KB

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