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Windows Small Business Server 2008 Premium Trial Software Download

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  • Version: 6.0
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This software is for evaluation and testing purposes.

  • This software is for evaluation and testing purposes.

    Evaluating Windows Small Business Server 2008 does not require that you activate the product or enter a product key.

    If you need more time to evaluate the software, you can reset (or rearm) the 60-day evaluation period up to three times, extending the original 60-day evaluation period by up to 180 days, for a total possible evaluation time of 240 days. After the evaluation period ends, you need to uninstall the software or upgrade to a fully licensed version of Windows Small Business Server 2008.

    If you want to extend the initial evaluation and testing period, please go here and follow the instructions.


Status: Live

This download is still available on The downloads below will come directly from the Microsoft Download Center.

FileSHA1 HashSize
DVD1_Installation.isob63964500c0e1d7d0d7a80dd032ad2819ff0ec8b3.67 GB
DVD2_AddServerInstallationx86.iso21818d23693d09d8f42393e1301fb1799bbe4c7d1.58 GB
DVD3_AddServerInstallationx64.isob29d1c4c860d4f7bcbb5556266e2f00a5cc4fe842.29 GB
DVD4_SQL2008.iso4887bec3dc0a0aeb2478fd3eb861ba0d3d7db7721.72 GB

File sizes and hashes are retrieved from the Wayback Machine’s indexes. They may not match the latest versions of files hosted on Microsoft servers.

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows Small Business Server 2008 Premium, Windows Small Business Server 2008 Standard

  • Please refer to the Windows Small Business Server 2008 System Requirements found here prior to installation.

Installation Instructions

  • 1. Download and create media for all four disc images.

    The files for the 2nd server download are also platform-specific, where “x86” is intended for 32-bit platforms and “x64” is intended for 64-bit platforms.

    If you do not have a download manager or are unsure, click the links in this section for a facilitated download of each file.

    Facilitated: DVD1_Installation.iso

    Facilitated: DVD2_AddServerInstallationx86.iso

    Facilitated: DVD3_AddServerInstallationx64.iso

    Facilitated: DVD4_SQL2008.iso

    2. Download and follow the steps in the Deployment Documentation found here.

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