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Microsoft Solutions Framework Version 3 White Papers

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  • Version: 3.0
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Download Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) version 3 white papers.

  • Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) provides proven practices for planning, building, and deploying a variety of technology solutions, combining aspects of software design and development and building and deploying infrastructure into a single project lifecycle for guiding technology solutions of all kinds. MSF helps organizations achieve a delicate balance of flexibility while meeting commitments; speed while minimizing risk.


Status: Deleted

This download is no longer available on The downloads below are archives provided by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine from the Microsoft Download Center prior to August 2020.

IT Occupation Taxonomy v.3.0.pdf
SHA1: d036f513304cff7339a3544470aeb41fca487453
512 KB
MSF Process Model v. 3.1.pdf
SHA1: fc9dfd5e717e1ca4fa69fbcef52ed35dd19665e0
202 KB
MSF Project Management Discipline v. 1.1.pdf
SHA1: b4ba582d506bcc46fc43925321735a60fcc9c36e
163 KB
MSF Readiness Management Discipline v.1.1.pdf
SHA1: 68f1f3c1b6a0fa894b2dc74b64aba11bb6952f10
137 KB
MSF Risk Management Discipline v.1.1.pdf
SHA1: f69c20583341c867ad0db0e1c001757e25111a67
368 KB
MSF Team Model v.3.1.pdf
SHA1: b639c01c7fa6e9e5bf22048b416a90f4049d9d6a
215 KB
MSF_v3_Overview Whitepaper.pdf
SHA1: 9b596fa0a76de0b6b358369f9dd3494f18b1974d
275 KB
SHA1: 7ef3b1961c39b29e10a01b012c670af37dbc4d5f
1.85 MB

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