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Microsoft Antigen SP2 Documentation

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Microsoft Antigen SP2 Documentation

  • The Messaging Security Suite includes Antigen for Exchange, Antigen for SMTP Gateways, and Antigen Spam Manager, and provides server-level protection against the latest e-mail threats.In an effort to improve your information experience, we have moved several of the Antigen topics from the TechNet Library into a downloadable document format and made them available here. Archiving our information this way helps us to ensure that most of our customers can find the information they seek most often without being distracted by information that is not as relevant.


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AEM_Quick_Start_Archive.docf1f47b29b29346ab4c71f33d146b3038b3475f8845 KB
Antigen_evalguide_archive.doca5bd095b668bcdc053bcc2495f6d55df84c254d81.05 MB
v9_ASM_Best_Practices.doc06b9a7aeed35f365f8ffd6c31387575e71d1517581 KB
v9_Best_Practices.docd1e013126a9a5b7b94cc6a8f56e00da7fa223c9439 KB
v9_Ex_Cluster_Install.doc8fac6d4d4f9c79bde571ded4aa77c63fefcbc27339 KB
v9_Quick_Start_Guide.docf25fd26102a82c86e02d7622d035faad2d0e591f43 KB
v9_Release_Notes.doca6a7e04773cf65703dc35e1d56a21834dcbf99c236 KB
v9_SMTP_Quick_Start.doc67623ccd03503311fe9c8a7cd1242f7a1849fc5e36 KB
v9_SMTP_Release_Notes.docda1bb8c15c7b34a9fcfac8de9a9cf1fa7abe6a6435 KB
v9_SMTP_Users_Guide.doc091b0119aa412095dbd6f5b97f58bf8866076020206 KB
v9_Users_Guide.docbe6ce1700da6efe3f9ebafb00f62a8b5454ba9f2250 KB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows Server 2003

  • Exchange 2000 Server SP1 or Exchange Server 2003Internet Information Services (IIS) 4.0.

Installation Instructions

  • Please click the Download button and when the download window appears click the Run button.