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Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit: Designing a Managed Environment

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  • Version: 1.0
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This book provides the foundation you need to understand and deploy Group Policy within Windows Server 2003. It will help you to manage a diverse set of organizational and computing needs and to centrally manage domain-wide and forest-wide security, servers, computers, and users.

  • This book provides the foundation you need to understand and deploy Group Policy within Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003. The guidance in this book will help you reduce the cost of managing a diverse set of organizational and computing needs, and to centrally manage domain-wide and forest-wide security, servers, computers, and users.

    This page contains the following files for download:
    • Book Cover (front)
    • Introduction
    • Ch 1: Planning a Managed Environment
    • Ch 2: Designing a Group Policy Infrastructure
    • Ch 3: Staging Group Policy Deployments
    • Ch 4: Deploying Security Policy
    • Ch 5: Deploying Microsoft Software Update Services
    • Ch 6: Migrating User State
    • Ch 7: Implementing User State Management
    • Ch 8: Deploying a Managed Software Environment
    • Ch 9: Deploying a Simple Managed Environment
    • Glossary
    • Index
    • Entire book as a .zip file
    • Job aids and worksheets to use with the book

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01_Front.doc012fde313599701729e45175105520520f5361a727 KB
02_Introduction.docd532b7665024f8d4aba6e5e11603c1005f08f090955 KB
03_CHAPTER_1_Planning_a_Managed_Environment.docc7cccaded4f34df35c9943d53e60e78791fd77b1465 KB
04_CHAPTER_2_Designing_a_Group_Policy_Infrastructure.doc2ae5bc7a284adaa98d42f5bf7ede4df038de5e891.41 MB
05_CHAPTER_3_Staging_Group_Policy_Deployments.doca5d65cfb12ec08909f897987250e3efc352eea601.16 MB
06_CHAPTER_4_Deploying_Security_Policy.doc2f2d88542a8d2964e9d51165a9e8b84a087b515b674 KB
07_CHAPTER_5_Deploying_Microsoft_Software_Update_Services.docef0aad2ed47587e7202cf08cb86275eb140359321.23 MB
08_CHAPTER_6_Migrating_User_State.doc28cece45ddf277f6e20ac19473846ba135d12deb769 KB
09_CHAPTER 7_Implementing_User_State_Management.doc6c4ff7360e48745c206253f237c0cc6d0ef5dc7a935 KB
10_CHAPTER_8_Deploying_a_Managed_Software_Environment.docb7dba46f7d722a1a7ebab0dcdddb534d8403e83d1.25 MB
11_CHAPTER_9_Deploying_a_Simple_Managed_Environment.docd7fdf0d95675dd395e0aeea7ee1b4b141b7dc7101.24 MB
12_Glossary.doc34a75a9124463888a3a28adc1e98eca052ba93e232 KB
13_Index.doc06836c16622a86bf55981a2223fa54824f8bce8d40 KB
Designing_A_Managed_Environment.zip7cd955db9a55d2c118904bd845d66bd2462c67ec10.12 MB
Job_Aids_Designing_A_Managed_Environment.zip6d0da27095ae1d8452f4b91f5aba09955f6bcf7e582 KB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003

    • Microsoft Word or Word Viewer

Installation Instructions

    1. To download the entire book, click the .zip file in the list below. To download just one element of the book, click the filename for that element in the list below.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location.
      • To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk.

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