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Outlook 2010: MAPI Header Files

  • Published:
  • Version: Nov10
  • Category: SDK
  • Language: English

This download accompanies the Outlook 2010 Messaging API (MAPI) Reference documentation and contains the MAPI header files, which have been updated to support 64-bit Microsoft Outlook.

  • The following list describes the MAPI header files that this download installs:
    • MAPIAux.h—Defines additional interfaces, structures, and constants used by the Messaging Applications Programming Interface.
    • Mapi.h—Defines structures and constants.
    • Mapicode.h—Defines status codes for error values.
    • Mapidbg.h—Defines macros for debugging.
    • Mapidefs.h—Defines frequently used event types, property types, flags, structures, and interfaces.
    • Mapiform.h—Defines forms elements.
    • Mapiguid.h—Defines GUIDs.
    • Mapihook.h—Defines the SpoolerMsgHook provider interface.
    • Mapinis.h—Defines utilities that support internationalization.
    • Mapioid.h—Defines MAPI object identifiers.
    • Mapispi.h—Defines flags and interfaces that MAPI implements for service providers and message services.
    • Mapitags.h—Defines property tags.
    • Mapiutil.h—Defines utility interfaces and functions.
    • Mapival.h—Defines validation macros.
    • Mapiwin.h—Defines types, constants, flags, functions, and macros for developing single-source service providers.
    • Mapiwz.h—Defines prototypes and constants for the provider wizard.
    • Mapix.h—Defines flags and interfaces that MAPI implements for clients.
    • Mspst.h—Defines properties of the personal information store (.pst file).


Status: Deleted

This download is no longer available on The downloads below are archives provided by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine from the Microsoft Download Center prior to August 2020.

FileSHA1 HashSize
Outlook2010MAPIHeaders.EXE2bc7a04239be3c9da94a392466e5a53b72c5e28d220 KB

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 2

    • This download pertains to the following Microsoft Office applications:
      • Microsoft Office 2010
      • Microsoft Outlook 2010

Installation Instructions

  • To install this download:
    1. Download the file by clicking the Download link and saving the file to your hard disk.
    2. Double-click the Outlook2010MAPIHeaders.exe program file on your hard disk to start the setup program.
    3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

    By default, the header files are installed in C:\Office 2010 Developer Resources\Outlook 2010 MAPI Headers.

    To remove this download:
    There is no removal feature for this download.

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