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Articles on Parallel Programming with the .NET Framework 4

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A set of articles that provide information on parallel programming with the .NET Framework 4.

  • The .NET Framework 4 includes extended support for writing parallel applications, through enhancements to the CLR itself as well as through new libraries commonly referred to as "Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework." The set of articles available in this download provides detailed information on Parallel Extension, including the Task Parallel Library (TPL), Parallel LINQ (PLINQ), and a set of new coordination primitives and thread-safe data structures. These articles provide insights into performance characteristics, usage patterns, best practices, integration of parallelism with other programming frameworks, and more.


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OptimizingUsingConcurrencyVisualizer.pdf61ab7299abff526080e74c46404152ada4258f472.00 MB
ParallelProgramsinNET4_CodingGuidelines.pdf800b0fe138e7fe01ff909669a9430a526894da3a905 KB
ParentChildTPLTasksRelationship.pdfcf38b2e6108350c693473b98184cabc842c47a83736 KB
PerformanceCharacteristicsOfSyncPrimitives.pdf1d55c47c63a6754e9f2c059f0c2bdbc30088b9c9762 KB
PerformanceCharacteristicsOfThreadSafeCollection.pdfa9fb8e94fb608a05f093df97ece79fb16fe4cde6631 KB
PLINQOrderingModel.pdfbd0417f7584e0fe6205fd8e1a4aae2a8804d8a39972 KB
TPLOptionsTour.pdf749c85fa73b02d071b63aab6073e6bc6411165381.07 MB
Using Net4ToAchieveDataParallelism.pdf05f3847706b406520ee035729703f028270097a3867 KB
UsingCancellationinNET4.pdf67d2dd3ad322178826ed4fad84d1a94254afa6781,005 KB
UsingPLINQinOfficeAddins.pdf45eb6b6c9f5aacc4729cf0f7777ba13e0c78a6b9722 KB
WhenToUseParallelForEachOrPLINQ.pdf9ce8302541f678f955f98ca6ab66beb48516226f506 KB
WorkflowAndParallelExtensionsinNET4.pdf44674640c0dd4a5bb64ef221f032a0410c825c16600 KB

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