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Firewall Client Tool for ISA Server 2004

  • Published:
  • Version: 4.0.3439
  • Category: Tool
  • Language: English

Use this tool to configure, manage, and troubleshoot Firewall Client for ISA Server 2004.

  • FwcTool.exe provides a set of command line options to specify the ISA Server computer that Firewall clients should use, and to set automatic discovery settings and Web browser settings on the client computer. It provides diagnostic tools to test the availability of ISA Server and auto detection mechanisms, and a print out of Firewall client configuration settings. Using the tool, you can apply settings for all users on the Firewall client computer, the current user, or for a particular application.

    This version replaces any previous version of the tool.


Status: Deleted

This download is no longer available on The downloads below are archives provided by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine from the Microsoft Download Center prior to August 2020.

FileSHA1 HashSize
FwcToolPack.EXEf57e269d8190aa030cbeae7e0eef769a416fb9cd105 KB

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003

  • · Supported ISA Firewall Client : Any version of Firewall Client for ISA Server 2004

Installation Instructions

    1. Click the Download button on this page to start the download
    2. Do one of the following:
      • To start the installation immediately, click Run.
      • To save the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save.
      • To cancel the installation, click Cancel.

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