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.NET Rocks! - Tomas Petricek on PHP in ASP.NET and Silverlight!

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Carl and Richard talk to Tomas Petricek about Phalanger, a managed code PHP language compiler, as well as his thoughts on F# Web Tools, a toolkit which lets you write both client-side and server-side code at the same time, and the client gets converted to JavaScript.

  • Tomas Petricek is C# MVP and a student of computer science at Charles University, which is located in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. Tomas is a big fan of functional programming, and lately the F# language. He spent 3 months as an intern in Microsoft Research in Cambridge working with the F# team on a project that simplifies development of client/server web applications in F# called F# WebTools. He is also contributor and now also administrator of the open-source PHP compiler for .NET called Phalanger, which makes it possible to use .NET libraries from PHP and most lately also supports the Silverlight platform.


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