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Adware T.V. Media Removal Tool (KB 886590)

  • Published:
  • Version: 1.1
  • Category: Application
  • Language: English

This tool will help to remove the adware T.V. Media from affected computers.

  • This tool will help to remove the adware T.V. Media from affected computers. This adware interferes with successful installation of Windows XP Service Pack 2. T.V. Media is bundled with certain advertisement-supported applications such as Speed Blaster and Memory Meter. Users should uninstall these applications before running this tool and before installing Windows XP SP2.

    Once the tool has run--after the End-User License Agreement (EULA) is accepted--it will let you know whether the adware is installed on your computer. If the adware is installed on your computer, the tool will remove the adware T.V. Media files on your computer.

    This tool will not:
    • Detect or remove any programs other than the adware T.V. Media

    • Run on any version of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows NT 4.0.

    To run this tool, you must be logged on to your computer using an account with administrator privileges.

    Release History:
    • Version 1.1- Released September 20, 2004. Detected and removed the adware T.V. Media


Status: Deleted

This download is no longer available on The downloads below are archives provided by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine from the Microsoft Download Center prior to August 2020.

FileSHA1 HashSize
Windows-KB886590-ENU-V1.1.exe1393429f40c3fb927a02f45313ea6ed0e1e5641977 KB

System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP Service Pack 1


Installation Instructions

    1. Click the Download button in the upper right corner of this page to download the tool.

    2. Do one of the following:

      • To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location.

      • To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk.