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Internet Safety for Enterprise & Organizations

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Internet Safety for Enterprise & Organizations toolkit

  • This kit offers some tools that you can use to help your emloyees learn the skills they need to work more safely on the Internet and better defend company, customer, and their own personal information. What's in this kitKit Instructions: Internet Safety at Work Readme - Instructions for how to use this kit, including printing instructions for the "Top Tips" card. PowerPoint Presentation: Internet Safety at Work Presentation - Give practical advise to help employees secure their computers; protect corporate, customer, and personal data; and defend their mobile devices. Tip Card: Top Tips for Internet Safety at Work Card - Condenses presentation information into a two-sided card ready for printing.Video: Stay Sharp at Work - Presentation information in a three-minute video.Quiz: Test Your Internet Safety IQ - Distribute this quiz before, during or after your presentation.


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How to Use this Toolkit _security website.pdfcd134c1be6c42020502697f73144baf225370070291 KB
Internet Security at Work Presentation Template.potxeeeba3b3e9a63af9f75136b054b2a2df1570afb22.96 MB
Internet Security at Work Presentation_security website.potxc19fc121fa142ff116b87febdffad9606ec3609e2.96 MB
Internet Security at Work Toolkit.zip47c52f648508bf0006396acbb459fa01cbfb14b5120.48 MB
Internet Security Begins with You Poster.pdf015802648f49c35b162a65a759777eaf50d4fbb0975 KB
Printing instructions.pdf4eaadb00e9c106539341c9896e335b459145d7d4134 KB
Printing instructions_security website.pdfc4b2af8272cb3c54b562b82ec5d99c4f70b029ca137 KB
Test Your Internet Security IQ Quiz.pdfc4fa123317c2d1490f979fe4e4edf94429c3ed8c208 KB
Top Tips for Internet Safety at Work Tip Cards Zip File.zip84bc203e9800ce0751465938f51551600c1f63f6563 KB
Top Tips for Internet Security at Work Tip Card with crop marks.pdfb396df060a2e166eddef64e0ac41031bc9643716287 KB
Top Tips for Internet Security at Work Tip Card.pdfedecbc183223fda6e9c6fc6f6c6930b98b099f20280 KB

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Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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