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Connector for Microsoft Dynamics installation guides

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  • Version: 2009, 2010, 2012
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These guides contain installation and configuration procedures for the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.

  • The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics is an integration solution that is targeted specifically at the Microsoft Dynamics family of products, and can integrate data between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft Dynamics ERP databases. This tool is intended for an implementation where Microsoft Dynamics CRM is used to manage business contacts, track leads, enter sales orders, and perform other sales and marking activities, and where the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system is used to perform accounting functions, manage a company’s chart of accounts, and maintain customer, vendor, item, employee, and other records.

    These guides contain information about the installation and configuration procedures needed to synchronize Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

    Download the version of the installation guide most appropriate for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

    Note: Setup and configuration expertise are critical to successful deployment of this tool. For additional resources and product download links, refer to the product pages available on PartnerSource.


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MSDynConnectorNAVconfig.pdf08af771f0eb593cdd2939da79e6bd269ad1c32bd436 KB
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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Small Business Server 2003, Windows Small Business Server 2008 Premium, Windows Small Business Server 2008 Standard, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Installation Instructions

    1. Click Download to download the manuals in PDF file format.
    2. Save the files to your computer.
    3. Repeat these steps on each computer where you want to install the manuals, or save the files to a shared folder where other others can access them.